ML Curadossi design is pleasing, spiritually-uplifting and practical. Mike completed a landscape design and implementation project for the Tian Ann Temple, Braintree MA between March and September 2012 on time and within the owner’s budget. He was charged to design a landscape that inspires welcome and blends in with surrounding environment and residential neighborhood at the temple site. He did that excellently, and his design was warmly approved by our neighbors and the town government. Mike then was charged to managing the implementation and planting project for which he coordinated with all the necessary sub-contractors to select and plant all the trees, flowers, and lawn at the temple site. On August 25, 2012, at the grand opening ceremony attended by many of our neighbors, city and state officials as well as temple members, we received praise after praise from our guests about the landscape and the surrounding environment. It was a project that was well designed and accurately executed by Mike. We are still receiving positive comments about our landscape from our visitors. Mike’s effort will be appreciated for years to come. ¬†We will want to ask Mike back should future landscape expansion projects are needed.

– Edward Lau, Tian Ann Temple President –